Choir & Vocal music


Liturgical and contemporary repertoire:Jan Peeters
German Early Baroque repertoire:Norbert Brandauer
Vocal coaching:Kyra Cuypers en Susanne Ebenbauer

The Choir Stage offers a unique opportunity for experienced singers to delve into the world of choral music. Held on the historic grounds of Alden Biesen, surrounded by stunning architecture and nature, this workshop is a true celebration of choral singing and musical community.

Programs and Workshops

Choral Techniques: Learn essential choral techniques, from breathing and vocal control to harmony and interpretation. Our experienced conductors and vocal coaches will guide you in developing a strong and expressive choral sound.

Repertoire Exploration: Explore a wide range of choral music, ranging from baroque to contemporary compositions. Expand your repertoire and discover new musical genres.

Collaboration and Teamwork: Experience the power of singing together and learn effective collaboration within a choir. Develop skills for harmonious ensemble singing and listening to fellow singers.

What Makes Our Choir Workshop Special?

Location: Enjoy the inspiring surroundings of Alden Biesen, where rich history and serene beauty add an extra dimension to your choir experience.

Connection: Be part of a diverse group of singers. Experience the power of cultural exchange and develop new friendships with like-minded music enthusiasts.

Performance Opportunity: Showcase your talent during our open stage nights, where participants have the opportunity to put their learning into practice for an enthusiastic audience.


H.I.F. Biber (1644-1704):  Stabat Mater (Koor en B.C.)

D. Buxtehude (1637-1707): delen uit Membra Jesu Nostri  (koor, strijkers , B.C.)

A. Caldara (1670-1736): Missa in G (koor, strijkers, B.C.)

A. Pärt (1935): Salve Regina (koor & strijkers)

What does a day look like?

Every morning at 9 a.m., we sing for approximately 30 minutes under the direction of vocal coach Kyra Cuypers. Around 9:30 a.m., choir rehearsals start alternately led by Norbert Brandauer and Jan Peeters. Meanwhile, Kyra will work with a vocal group on vocal formation and sonority.

After the lunch break (1 hour), we resume choir rehearsal around 1:30 p.m. Any choir singer who wishes can have two 30-minute individual vocal training sessions during the week with Suzanne Ebenbauer and/or Kyra Cuypers.

In the evening, we have various activities such as an introductory session, open stage, faculty concert, ascent of the Tongeren Basilica, etc.

Upon registration, please indicate whether you would like to have lunch at Alden Biesen or bring your own packed lunch. The same applies for dinner.

If you want to fully experience this week, you can stay at the Landcommanderij Alden Biesen. This option is available only for participants of the Summer Academy.

Target group

For choir singers (enthusiasts, semi-professional musicians/singers) and choir conductors.

Participation fees

Participant: € 325 (excl. lodges)

Enrollments close on

July 15, 2024