Baroque strings


Violin, Viola, Viola d’amore,
& Violoncello da Spalla:
Anna Jane Lester
Violoncello, Viola da Gamba:Ronan Kernoa, Barbara Hünninger
Chamber music:Tineke Steenbrink

The Violin and Cello Academy is an enchanting journey for both beginner (on a baroque instrument) and advanced violinists and cellists. Held on the historic grounds of Alden Biesen, this workshop provides an inspiring environment where musical growth and expression take center stage.

Programs and Workshops

Instrumental Techniques: Learn essential techniques for baroque violin and cello, from finger placement and bowing technique to sound production and expression. Our experienced instructors will guide you in refining your playing and developing masterful control of your instrument.

Repertoire Exploration: Discover the diversity of baroque repertoire and expand your musical horizons.

Chamber Music: Experience the joy of chamber music by playing together with other talented musicians. Learn to listen, communicate, and collaborate to create a harmonious ensemble.

Masterclasses: Benefit from personalized guidance during our masterclasses, where renowned baroque violinists and cellists share their expertise and provide valuable feedback.

Performance Opportunities: Showcase your talent during our open stage nights, where participants have the opportunity to present what they have learned to an enthusiastic audience.

Course content

Individual lessons
Group lessons
Chamber music
Concert practice

Target group

Music students and professional musicians or those at a comparable level, who wish to focus on baroque instruments and baroque interpretation.

There are a limited number of places available for amateur musicians and for musicians who choose to have an introductory experience with baroque instruments.

Participation fees

Studenten: € 300 (excl. lodges)
Anderen: € 400 (excl. lodges)

Enrollments close on

July 15, 2024