Young Schola

The Stage Young Schola is a unique program that offers young singers (aged 8 to 15) the opportunity to develop within the tradition of the Maitrises de Reims. Held on the historic estate of Alden Biesen, we aim to create an environment where young talents can flourish and cultivate their passion for choral music.


Learn the fundamentals of choral techniques, from vocal training to ensemble singing. Our experienced conductors will guide you in developing a strong vocal foundation.

Explore a diverse repertoire that includes both classical and contemporary choral music.

What makes our Stage Young Schola special?

Historical Location: Experience the enchanting atmosphere of Alden Biesen, where rich history and beautiful surroundings add an extra dimension to your choral music experience.

Professional Guidance: Enjoy the guidance of experienced conductors and musicians who are passionate about helping young talents grow and flourish in the world of choral music.

Performance: Showcase your acquired skills during our presentation concert, where participants have the opportunity to share their talent with an enthusiastic audience.

How does this workshop look in practice?

When? From Monday, August 12th to August 15th.

Where? Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the Landcommanderij Alden Biesen, Thursday at the Basilica of Our Lady in Tongeren. Every morning, we start at 9 AM with singing led by Laetitia Steens. After lunch (included!), we sing for another hour and musical relaxing activities are provided until 4 PM. Between 4 PM and 4:30 PM, all children need to be picked up.

Price? €80 for external participants – €125 for internal participants. For participants who live further away, we offer the possibility to stay with a host family during the workshop from Sunday evening until Thursday morning. This needs to be indicated upon registration.


If you are a young singer interested in an enriching choral music experience, enroll today for the Stage Young Schola of the International Summer Academy Alden Biesen. Contact us for more information or to register. We look forward to exploring the wonderful world of choral music together with you at this unique location!