Corona update

There are no practical objections for the organ academy: space, distance, ventilation, etc. are guaranteed. The necessary cleanser and disinfectants will also be provided at these locations.


17th and 18th century repertoire from France and Liège (J. Titelouze, le Grand Siècle, etc.):Hans Leenders
J.S. Bach:Luc Ponet
17th century repertoire from the lower countries (Cornet, Kerckhoven, Sweelinck, etc.):Arnaud van de Cauter
Basso continuo playing (on organ and harpsichord):David Van Bouwel
19th and 20th century repertoire:Marcel Verheggen
Tai Chi / Qi gong:Philippe Libberecht
Body awareness for musicians:Arnaud van de Cauter

Course contents

  • Masterclasses on several important historical organsin de Euregion: Bilzen, Luik, Maastricht, Roermond, Sint-Truiden, Tongeren, … .
  • Individual lessons
  • Excursion to Roermond (Cathedral, Caroluskapel and Munsterkerk)
  • Tai chi / Qi gong (daily warming up)
  • Body awareness for organists
  • Concert playing


Advanced to professional

Course fees

Students: € 250
Others: € 280

(costs for lodging and catering not included)

Enrolments close on

30th June 2020

Course structure

MONDAY 10.08.2020

10.00u. Registration
11.00u. Welcome Apero
12.00u. Lunch (free)
14.00u. Masterclass (LP) – Basiliek Tongeren
18.00u. Dinner (free)
19.00u. Masterclass (DvB) – Alden Biesen
21.30u. Musicians club

TUESDAY 11.08.2020

08:00u. Tai chi / Qi gong (warming up)
08:30u. Breakfast
09:30u. Excursion to Roermond (Caroluskapel, Munsterkerk, Cathedral)
18:00u. Dinner (free) and individual study
20.00u. Concert (Tutors) – Alden Biesen
21.30u. Musicians club

Free choice:
20.00u. Organ Concert by Michel Bourcier (Sint-Servaas in Maastricht)
22.30u. Concert by Johan Luijmes (Sint-Servaas in Maastricht)

WEDNESDAY 12.08.2020

08:00u. Tai chi / Qi gong (warming up)
08:30u. Breakfast
10.00u. Masterclass (HL) – Maastricht
14.00u. Free study (on several instruments in Maastricht)
18:00u. Dinner (free)
20.00u. Concert – organ and chamber music by the participants (Cellebroederskapel in Maastricht)
22.00u. Musicians club (Alden Biesen)

THURSDAY 13.08.2020

08.00u. Tai chi / Qi gong (warming up)
08.30u. Breakfast
10.00u. Masterclass (AvdC) – Begijnhofkerk St.-Truiden
14.00u. Masterclass (AvdC) – St.-Jacques Luik
18.00u. Dinner (free)
20.00u. Choir Concert – Begijnhofkerk St.-Truiden
22.00u. Musicians club (Alden Biesen)

FRIDAY 14.08.2020

08.00u. Tai chi / Qi gong (warming up)
08.30u. Breakfast
10.00u. Masterclass (MV) – St.-Servaas Maastricht
12.30u. Lunch Concert Momoyo Kokubu (Our Ladies Church in Maastricht)
14.00u. Organ Promenade in Maastricht (by the participants)
16.00u. Individual study
22.00u. Nocturne – Basiliek Tongeren

SATURDAY 15.08.2020

08.00u. Breakfast
09.00u. Raccord (radio boradcasting) – basiliek Tongeren
10.00u. Mass (radio broadcasting) – basiliek Tongeren
11.30u. Organ Mass (participants) – basiliek Tongeren
12.00u. Free lunch in Tongeren
13.00u. Rehearsal – basiliek Tongeren
15.00u. Final concert – basiliek Tongeren
16.30u. Reception & certificates of participation